El Helal


Patient Monitor

Brands: Mindray | Model: UMEC series
    • 4 inch/12.1 inch high resolution LED screen with optional touch screen Supports various monitoring screen layouts for different clinical needs, including large font, full/half screen 7-lead monitoring, view other bed, etc. Default settings satisfy general clinical requirements, no need to adjust the settings before using and helps you get started quickly Statistics for heart rate changes and ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, making ups and downs visible Less than 3.5kg weight with battery makes it very portable Unique accessory cabinet makes accessories management effective One piece design makes cleaning easier.

    • HR/BP Analysis.

    • User-friendly Interfaces.

    • Unique accessory cabinet.

    • To be effective in different environment, uMEC has passed strict electrical safety tests and reliability tests. It is extremely durable and has a long life span.