Sonoscape P40

Sonoscape P40

Accurate - Intuitive - Flexible

Adhering to its great image quality, SonoScape's P40 carries a comprehensive, upgraded platform, to become an epoch-making ultrasound system. It is equipped with powerful single crystal transducers, remarkable 4D functions and intelligent workflow, which perfectly helps to meet a wide variety of general imaging needs. Outfitted with extraordinary software and hardware, P40 is perfectly a balanced design, internally and externally. The quick response touch screen, mode switching and storage operations deliver a new standard with clarity and flexibility.

Ease of use

New platform leads to an efficient workflow and provides excellent human-machine interaction. It allows us to quickly respond to the needs of customers as well as user defined settings.

Fits your needs

SonoScape P40 provides various imaging software to fit different applications such as cardiology, radiology, OB/GYN, etc. With advanced features including cardiac and 4D packages, P40 can meet the extensive needs of clinical challenges of today and tomorrow.

Superior Techniques

SonoScape P40 is configured with a new imaging engine, which can significantly optimize image performance, especially for 3D/4D imaging with speed and convenience. S-Live provides 4D imaging with intelligent rendering, leading to a vivid fetus image. Advanced 4D inversion technology can assist doctors in analyzing anechoic anatomic structures by clearly visualizing the details of desired regions of an unborn child, looking for abnormalities, which can provide more information than conventional ultrasound systems could normally obtain. Outstanding volume performance makes P40 outshine others on volume imaging, and dramatically enhances diagnostic confidence.

Superior Slim Design

The design of P40 took operational use into consideration, creating a comfortable diagnosing environment. Ergonomie design, excellent man-machine interaction and rapid response, combined with a slim design makes P40 as an intelligent scanning assistant for you, bringing improved efficiency and helping to prevent fatigue from multiple examinations.


  • Full digital wave-beam imaging system 21.5-inch high definition LED monitor with wide viewing angle
  • 13.3-inch touch screen
  • Height and position adjustable control panel
  • 5 transducer sockets
  • Additional endocavity probe holder and gel warmer
  • A comprehensive selection of probes: HD Linear, Convex, Micro-convex, Endocavity, HD Phased Array, Intraoperative, Bi-plane, Volumetric and Endocavity 4D
  • Premium application technology: μ-scan speckle reduction, compound imaging, TDI, stress echo, C-XIasto elastography and contrast imaging
  • Cardio-vascular Premium PLUS Kit: TDI / Color M / ECG / Steer M / Color 3D
  • OB / GYN Premium PLUS Kit: Multi Slice View / Oblique View / 3D Rendering (S-Live, S-Depth) / MagiCut / SmartCut / 3D µscan / Auto Face / 3D Measurement / Pelvic Floor Ultrasound
  • ECG functionality (optional)
  • Full patient database and image management solutions: DICOM 3.0, AVI/JPG, USB2.0, HDD, DVD, PDF report
  • Interface for optional foot switch
  • Optional gel warmer
  • Optional Built-in battery for 3 h scan time
  • Built-in case for thermal printer
  • Full flexible 6" double-castors with brakes for easy transportation