Monoplace Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

HBO Therapy – how it work

* HBO therapy greatly increase the amount of oxygen delivered to body tissues by the patients blood

* The benefits of HBO therapy result from an oxygen direct contact with patients wound


HBO Therapy provides one or more of the following effects

* Enhanced wound healing

* Increased oxygen delivery to injured tissue

* Improved infection control

* Greator blood vassel formation

* Preservations damaged tissues

* Elimination and reduced effects of toxic substances

* Reduction or elemnation of gas-bubble obstructions


Undersea Hyperbaric Madical society Approved indications


* Air Embolism

* Decompression Illness (the bend)

* Gas Gangrene

* Gas poisoning include carbon monoxide, smoke inhalation, cyanide poisoning 

* Ischaemic Injury including crush injury, reperfusion injury compartment syndrome and tembrol arteritis

* Enhacement of healing in problematic wounds including diabatic foot ulcers   

* Compromised grafts and flaps 

* Delayed radiations injury including osteoradioncrosis, soft tissue radioncerosis such as radiation cystitis or proctitis or breast radiation injury

* Intracranial abscess

* Thermal burns